8th Grade Adjustments

8th Grade Adjustments

Bobby Dufek, Staff Writer

On September 3rd, 2019, a whole new class of 8th graders entered HGMS, and they weren’t exactly ready to be the “Role models” everyone was telling them to be.

Many new 8th graders came in still thinking that they are 7th graders, and when they realized that they were 8th graders, pressure and excitement flooded them. Many have been acting differently than ever before. 

8th grader Jeremy Guzman talked about the changes the 8th graders were experiencing. 

 “We are going through a big change, our third year at Hamilton Grange, and we are under pressure because of that and also because of how Principal Benjamin Lev and many other teachers talk about how we need to be ‘role models’ for the 7th and 6th graders. It sucks because we can’t be like we used to […] They want us to act like high schoolers already which we aren’t,” he said. 

Assistant Principal Scott Moore spoke about the administration’s perspective on the 8th graders.

“We as teachers feel that we have seen a lot of growth with this class of 8th graders, and we think that with that growth, we sometimes forget that they are still in the middle of not only a transitional phase of grade, but also age and maturity,” he said. 

8th Grader Isaac Cox spoke about the new teachers that have arrived at HGMS this year may have affected him;

“We did have a bunch of good teachers leave, and a bunch of new teachers come in. I like some and I dislike some, I won’t say names, but you gotta roll with what you got,” he said.

It’s clear that most 8th-grade students are working hard to live up to the expectations that the staff put upon them, and also try to still just be kids while they still can.