What Kids Read At Hamilton Grange

What Kids Read At Hamilton Grange

Madeline Johnson, Staff Writer

Reading is an important thing at Hamilton Grange.  Many children and adults have mixed feelings about reading. I interviewed many adults and children on what books students like and what books they think we would like.

Librarian Miriam Familia said that kids read graphic novels.

“I try to have them read as many graphic novels as they want to read.  And then I try to redirect them into other books that I want them to read more so that they could become more diverse in the type of genre they read,” she said.

Seventh-grade student Marcely Rojas explained why she likes to read graphic novels.

“It has pictures so I don’t have to read a lot,” she said.

Sixth-grade Humanities teacher Luke Bolton said in addition to graphic novels students enjoy books that are similar to the Percy Jackson series.

“Books where you’ve got a young main character who is solving a mystery or completing a task,” he said.

Sixth-grade student Frankie Rodriguez said he likes reading magic and fiction books such as Harry Potter. He also enjoyed Percy Jackson after reading the first book in class.

“Now I’m kinda getting into Greek Mythology and I’m starting to read the second book about Percy Jackson,” he said.

Sixth-grade student Leonard Blachly-Preston said he recommends the author Stuart Gibbs, an author who has written many mysteries and action novels for kids.

“I read pretty much anything by Stuart Gibbs because he’s my favorite author,” Leonard said.

Stuart Gibbs is the author of the Moon Base Alpha novels, the Spy School novels, and Fun Jungle novels.

Leonard said he loves to read.

“Probably my first or second favorite thing to do,” he said.