Varsity Basketball Starts Season 1-2

Varsity Basketball Starts Season 1-2

Frankie Melendez, Staff Writer

Recently the Hamilton Grange boys’ varsity basketball team started their season with three games. On December 6th they won 28-23, on December 14th they lost, and on December 17th they lost 48-39. The games took place in the HGMS gym and in the New Design school gym.

During the games, many HGMS students came out to support the boys. The students during the game were outrageous in the gym. Everybody was screaming and supporting their team until they can’t.

Varsity basketball player and student Coby McDonald explained how the first game went in his own words

“I had over 10 points […] In the 4th we played as a team and started passing and making good drives,” he said.

“I need to improve in everything and also the team because we are not all the same nor perfect so we need to practice, practice, and keep on practicing. My team needs to focus on passing and dribbling while looking up because that can be affected during our basketball games including me,” he said. 

Varsity basketball player William Martinez said,” I did average in our first game because I made 2 points. I think I can do better, that’s why the team and I are training almost every day. I want to do good but I need to practice rebounding, passing, and shooting because the teams can be tough most of the time.

In the first game, the player of the game was Reyli Sanchez because he scored over 15 points and he motivated his team to make a 4th quarter comeback.

Reyli said that the team needs to be more efficient and have a grip of the ball because some people had butterfingers and that made them lose possession.

On December 17th, the boys played their last game before winter break. They, unfortunately, lost because of an amazing player on the other team. The HGMS basketball players all said he was impossible to stop. He scored over 40 points. 

8th-grade student Isaac Cox said, “The team needs to get good at everything. That’s why we lost 2 games in a row.”