Meet The 2020 Candidates


Leonard Blachly-Preston, Staff Writer

For the 2020 presidential election, there were twenty-seven Democratic candidates running for the Democratic nomination for president. Of those twenty-seven candidates, it has been narrowed down to only 17 candidates.

The top four candidates in the running are Pete Buttigieg, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren. 

Pete Buttigieg is the 37-year-old mayor of South Bend, Indiana. He has a 5% poll average, but that number is increasing as he makes it through to the fifth Democratic presidential debate unscathed. He is the youngest ever Presidential candidate to have made it this far, and if he were to be elected to office, he would be the youngest United States President by six years.  

What Buttigieg has been able to achieve is absolutely incredible, and many of the Hamilton Grange Middle School students will also benefit from the ideas Buttigieg has. He is the first presidential candidate to have proposed having more seats in the Supreme Court, to perhaps make it more equal. Also, in South Bend, the town he is the mayor of, he has had a difficult history with the police and African American arrests. He holds faith that his police department will hopefully cut down on racism in the United States, which will benefit many people, including HGMS students in the future. 

Joseph R. Biden is the former vice president, under Obama, and this is his third, and most successful run for president so far. He is 77 years old, making him the second oldest presidential candidate  Biden has a shocking 27% of the national poll average, and the news ranks him as the most likely Democratic candidate to win the elections. HGMS students may benefit from his health care policies, which he supported under Obama, and remain a top priority for his presidential run in 2020. There were also incidents with busing when Biden was in the senate back in the 1970s.  His past comments on busing to desegregate schools were brought up strongly during the second Democratic debate. What do you think? Will these incidents bring a negative effect on his presidency through the public?

Elizabeth Warren is the 70-year-old presidential candidate born in Oklahoma City. She was actually a registered Republican until 1996, but this does not seem to cause much of a dent in her 22% national poll average. 

There are quite a few policies that Warren has suggested, such as taxing rich people and making sure every kid goes to preschool. Students at HGMS may benefit from the tax policies she has suggested because their parents will pay less, allowing them to have a little more money to spare. Warren also claims that she will solve the opioid crisis, so if students at HGMS have family members on drugs, this will hopefully help them.

Bernie Sanders is the 78-year-old Vermont Senator. After losing the 2016 Democratic primary, Sanders still has a quite stunning 18% National Poll Average. There are a few shadows on his campaign, though. He is 78 years old, and if his health suffers in the White House, well that could be a problem. He does speak out against millionaires and billionaires, even though he is a millionaire himself, causing a little bit of question. He also strongly sides with the Medicare For All plan, which will also benefit HGMS students if they don’t have health insurance.

They are the top competitors for the 2020 democratic candidate seat to run against Donald Trump. Who is your favorite presidential candidate