JV Basketball Loses First Game


Mia Ramirez, Staff Writer

The first junior varsity (JV) basketball game in HGMS happened on December 4, 2019. The score was 33 to 7.
Sadly, HGMS lost, but maybe next time we’ll win! The players in the JV team that started the game included Kevin, Yariel, Diego, and Aiden.
I interviewed players on the team to learn more about the game. JV player Kareem told me that the reason they lost was that “the defense was too soft.” This means that the JV team wasn’t doing such a good job on defense.
I also interviewed Coach Antonio Aquino. I asked Coach Antonio if he thought everyone in the basketball team tried their best and he felt that they did.
“I think everyone tried their best […] but there is also the experience of playing and getting used to being watched by people. Our students weren’t ready for that,” he said.
Coach Antonio described how he felt about the first game overall.
“I feel good about our first game because it’s always good to get the first game out of the way. Some people may feel nervous, scared, but after the first game we know we’re playing basketball from now on,” he said.
Coach Antonio described how the team prepares for games.
“Yeah, we do push-ups every day. We exercise every day to make sure our bodies get the amount of strength they need,” he said.
Coach Antonio recognized that there is room for improvement.
“Everyone who tried their hardest has room to go harder, definitely,” he said.