Phones Ruin HGMS Sleep Schedules


Jaiydalyn Santos, Staff Writer

Have you ever overslept during the morning on a school day, and arrived late? Have you ever scrolled on your phone for hours while your supposed to be sleeping? Have you been absent because you overslept?  Different students at Hamilton Grange have different sleeping patterns, going from sleeping at 10:00 p.m to 4:00 a.m. 

Most Hamilton Grange students complain about not having enough sleep at home during the night before school. Some students say it’s because of binging on different types of shows, spending time on social media apps, playing video games, noise in their homes, and overthinking.  

Seventh-grade student Sharlene Almanzar explained how she believes phones affects most kid’s sleep at her age. 

“I feel like every tween or teen does this because we always are on phones […]  and also because we like to be entertained,” she said. 

Sharlene then talked about how social media affects her sleep. 

“Social media, definitely! 10 out of 10, because… the excitement of it makes you want to be on your phone all the time,” she said. 

Seventh-grade Humanities teacher Leopold Spohngellert explained why students in his class fall asleep.

“I think that most students are staying up late because of their cell phones. I think a lot of students are staying up late because of  watching YouTube videos, on Snapchat, on Instagram and whatever other apps there are. And as a result there staying up late,” he said. 

From the interview shows that in most people’s opinion, students stay up late on their phones. Which leads to them sleeping class instead of working and losing focus.