How Do New Kids Feel About Newspaper Club?

Dylan Wagner, Staff Writer

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Today I will be interviewing two new kids that just joined The Hamilton Times to see if they like it or hate it.

I interviewed 8th-grade students Wilson Almonte and Bobby Dufek last week at Hamilton Grange Middle School to see their point of view on the newspaper club.

First, I interviewed Bobby about his point of view. The first question I asked him was, “How do you feel about this club?”

“I mean, I really enjoy it especially because I was in the debate club last marking period and what I really found annoying about it was they would grade you more harshly…Give us 2 hours of homework every week and especially it was only a club I found that weird,” he said.

A second question I asked him was, ”What article are you working on?” 

He said, “Transitional behavior between 7th and 8th grade…even for myself I’ve seen kids behavior change throughout the school year.”

Now let’s move on to another new student newspaper. His name is Wilson Almonte. The first question I asked him was “How do you feel about this club?” 

 “It’s alright, it’s fun that we can interview people and then later put it in an article…It’s a new experience,”  he said. 

A question I asked him was ”What article are you working on?”

“An article I am working is about new sports teams that should be added in Hamilton Grange Middle School,” he said. 

The third question I asked him was ”Who most likely would you interview first?”

 “A student named Jeremy Guzman because he said he wants some new sports in the school so I decided to choose him,” he said.   

In conclusion, the two new students on the newspaper like this club and both of their articles and coming up on the website soon.