Chaos In Iowa Primary


Leonard Blachly-Preston, Staff Writer

Chaos, confusion, and delay.

Those are the symptoms in Iowa after the primaries. Iowa had the first presidential primary for the 2020 presidential elections, on February 3rd, 2020. Two days after the primaries, the results for the Democratic votes were not yet confirmed. Only 71% of the Democratic votes have been counted. So far, the results have some shocking results, but it may settle down to be as we expected, once all of the votes are tallied.

As of now, these are the results for the Democrats:

That chart is from the New York Times.

A little shock is that even though Pete Buttigieg came in first, Bernie Sanders actually had more votes, but Buttigieg captured more counties, meaning even though Sanders had more votes, more towns in total voted for Buttigieg, and therefore, more state delegates voted for Buttigieg, because he captured more of the entire state, though less of the population.

Sanders had a lot of the big, more populated areas captured, meaning that a majority of the population of that area voted for him, but each county has the number of state delegates not only based on population, but there are other factors that play into it, such as the size of the area.

The results of this vote may drastically change though because there is still 29% if the votes to be counted, which seems hopeful for top-ranked candidate Joe Biden, because another primary shock is that Biden came in fourth, below Elizabeth Warren, and this incident may weaken his campaign hopes, and leave him with a loss of supporters. He is hoping for 30% or more of the still unaccounted for votes, in hopes of winning the primary.

But why did the vote count screw up? Well, as it turns out, in our age of modern technology, the people responsible for counting the vote used an app to submit the number of votes cast per Democratic candidate, and the app malfunctioned and submitted the wrong number of votes per person, which is still being investigated for the cause. Local officials are saying that it may be the result of bad telephone lines, which were damaged by a recent storm, and not yet repaired.

The app was not useful, and they are still in the midst of counting the votes, some by hand, and the most annoying thing to the Iowa residents is that it is mainly the democratic votes that are missing. Most of the Republican votes are accounted for. Another reason why the residents are annoyed is that the voting committee of Iowa had never tested the app, and only assumed it would work until their plan backfired.

The Republican primary, on the other hand, was quite what was expected. Donald Trump came in first, with 97% of the vote, and Joe Walsh, a small-time Republican who is running against Trump came in second, with 1.7% of the vote, and lastly, former Massachusetts governor, William Weld came in dead last, with 1.3% of the vote.

The results, as of February 07, 2020, still have not changed. Pete Buttigieg is still in front, but Bernie Sanders is only 1% away with the state delegate equivalent, and the difference between them is only two state delegate votes between them. Biden is still in fourth place, and his support has dropped by 2%. It is seemingly clear that it was a close tie between Buttigieg and Sanders, and only 1% of the vote is left to be counted.

Who do you think deserves to win this primary?