Mr. K’s Journey To Teaching


Wilson Almonte, Staff Writer

Do you know Mr. Kazemi? Would you like to know more about him? If so, keep reading because I am going to teach you about his personal life and how he got to Hamilton Grange.

Joe Kazemi, known as Mr. K, is an 8th-grade math teacher. I was interested in learning what got him here and how he became a teacher. 

Mr. K struggled with math as a kid and he hated math because it was too difficult. He said his parents could not help him because the school curriculum changes every generation. 

Eventually, his math teacher started to give him puzzles. This was a turning point for Mr. K. 

“My teacher always gave me puzzles and Rubik’s cubes to solve to stimulate my mind in math,’’ he said. 

Mr. K’s teacher taught him that math was like these puzzles. After learning math this way he became interested in math. 

“That’s when math started to intrigue me…he was like a second father,’’ he said.  

High school changed Mr. K as a person because he started to like math more and more. In college, his major always changed but it always involved math and extra activities he did were tennis and math club. 

“I always changed my major but I always knew it would involve math. I was very good at tennis and, fun fact, I was the captain,” he said 

He wanted to become a math teacher after he met professional mathematicians and he thought he could be just like them. His math teacher inspired him to become a math teacher because he wanted to teach just like he did. 

“I could spread the positive relationship between student and teacher,” he said.