Mrs. Hines’s Journey to Hamilton Grange

Bobby Dufek, Staff Writer

Mrs. Hines is an 8th-grade science teacher and an excellent 8th-grade teacher in my opinion. This article will explain her life leading up to teaching at Hamilton Grange.

Mrs. Hines lives in Manhattan. She is very skilled in teaching. I chose to interview Mrs. Hines because I knew that she lived in the city for her entire life, and I wanted to know what influenced her to come here and teach.

Mrs. Hines grew up in the South Bronx, and when she was a kid as she said, “My dream job was to be a nurse.” So she proceeded to go to a medical high school, but when they would cut something open for dissection, she realized that she didn’t have the stomach to be a nurse, which ended that career choice.

“My first job was at a daycare,” Mrs. Hines said. This job was when Mrs. Hines was in high school. She talked about being the one who would help the kids clean up, help them with basic tasks such as eating and sleeping. She said this might have steered her in the direction of teaching.

“After I finished high school, I went to something called ‘non-profit’ working for youth education for HIV and STDs,” she said.

I asked her if this might’ve affected her career choice because she had stated that because of this she was “always doing some type of teaching.” She agreed that she had always done some sort of teaching.

The work wasn’t that hard. I did case management… I helped people to manage their finances, health, and interactions with social services. I also conducted free HIV testing and counseling for anyone who wanted to take the test. I did enjoy working in the field. I got to meet new people every day,” he said.

Ms. Hines spoke about her mother’s health issues and how they affected her path.

“My mom had a brain tumor, which limited her reading capabilities, which inspired me to help others so that they could have another chance,” she said. 

Mrs. Hines talked about her job right before Hamilton Grange.

“Before I was teaching at HMGS, I was teaching at a middle school in the Bronx, but the commute was way too far, and I saw that Hamilton Grange had a job opening, so I took a look at the school, and I really liked it, I liked the way it was set up, I liked the kids, and I liked the location, so I decided to come here,” she said. 

As my concluding statement, I’d just like to say that from this journey from wanting to be a nurse as a kid, to being someone who can’t stand blood, to be someone who is here teaching us as one of the better science teachers, and sure, we may not always be the best to her, but Ms. Hines, we really appreciate you.