The Life of Mr. Scott


Jeremy Guzman, Staff Writer

Do you know Mr.Scott? Do you want to know how he became a teacher? What it was like transitioning while he was at Yale? Today I will be interviewing Mr.Scott  about his childhood, school life and more.

He grew up in Vermont and went to Rice Memorial High School then went to yale. Let’s talk about how life was when he was at Yale University. His favorite sport was basketball which actually gave him a scholarship there. Yale was like any other college in his opinion but there were struggles at Yale because he was transitioning as a trans individual. At Yale, there were lots of different opportunities, but there were things Mr. Scott wanted to change at Yale.

Mr. Scott said, “In college, I was involved in a lot of protesting because Yale has a lot of problems with oppression. Yale is not always a positive force in New Haven. There’s a lot of racism in that area…so I really got involved in that.’’

A second question I asked him was: How was it transitioning in college?’ 

He said, “I was just starting transitioning as a trans and they had no policies to support students at the time. I met up with the dean. They acted like they never heard of it before. They had no dorms for health care, nothing for students.”

I also asked him if it was it challenging for him to transition. 

He said, “It’s a challenge for anyone transitioning. I was really lucky because I found a community of people who were supportive and that’s the key if you can find people who support you it makes things that are less positive fade away.’’

Mr. Scott is currently working on his Ph.D. but in his free time, he plays his guitar.

He said “I like to play old pop songs from the 1990s on a guitar. I like to play with my two cats.’’

I also asked him was: What’s most enjoyable about working at Hamilton Grange?

He said, “getting to see and getting students and watch them grow is like the most amazing to me.’’

He got into teaching because of his friend telling him that if he likes fighting for what’s right he should be in education. His friend also said he can help students grow and help them become leaders 

At the end of the day, we learned a lot from Mr. Scott: who he was, his challenges, his hobbies, and his school life. An amazing thing I have seen is how he likes to see how we grow as a person and he wants the best for us.