A Life Story With Mr. Sogaard


Frankie Melendez, Staff Writer

Kristian Sogaard is an 8th-grade science teacher for Hamilton Grange and the way he traveled from his home country is very interesting. So far, as a teacher, he is loved by many people in the school.

Mr. Sogaard was born in Denmark and he is half Korean. He lived in Denmark and Sweden until the age of 7. And when he arrived in the United States he and his family moved to a safe neighborhood in Connecticut. According to Mr.Sogaard, his life in Sweden was interesting.

“My dad got a job in Sweden and had been commuting from Copenhagen by taking a ferry across the water to Sweden every day, but we decided that the commute was too long so we moved to a small suburb of Gothenburg,” he said.

Mr. Sogaard went to Ridgefield in Connecticut to live there for the rest of his life and it was a really big change for him and his family. “

“Eventually, my dad got a new job in the United States…so my family moved one more time to the U.S. a couple of months before I turned 7. When I got to the US there was definitely a bit of a shock. I had to make new friends, learn a new language, I was in ESL classes for a few years, and get used to the new culture. This took a bit of an adjustment. My parents have told me that it actually only took a few months for my sister and me to completely forget Swedish and to pick up English after we moved,” he said. 

When Mr.Sogaard was in school he noticed that the United States is more diverse than Denmark and Sweden and that Americans were different than Europeans.

“Growing up in the US was completely different – it was more diverse, people bought a lot more things, everything was bigger, and people were more outspoken. Even with these differences, I have enjoyed growing up in the small town of Ridgefield and living in the United States. And even though I prefer living here instead of Sweden, I do not think I would have changed my upbringing,” he said. 

Did you know that Mr. Sogaard used to play sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis and more? On the weekends he runs semi-professionally. He actually never thought as a child that he would be good at track and run semi-professionally.

In conclusion, Mr. Sogaard is a great teacher all around but, his background story is very interesting. His trip from Europe to the United States of America is fascinating. From what I learned from Mr. Sogaard is that no matter where you come from there is going to be struggle and obstacles in your life.