Ms. Jimenez’s Childhood And Her Family


Mia Ramirez, Staff Writer

Did you know that here at HGMS we have an amazing science teacher called Ms.Jimenez? I mean would you like a teacher who barely gives you any homework?

Ms.Jimenez is an amazing science teacher. During science we do fascinating experiments. For example, we talk about molecules so we take a hot glass of water and a cold glass of water and find out which glass has more molecules. Ms.Jimenez is a very funny and smart teacher and we all enjoy having her at HGMS.

Ms.Jimenez grew up in New York. Ms.Jimenez talked about fighting with her siblings.

“So, I’m the youngest of 4 siblings and I knew if I hit my siblings they would probably hit me back even harder since I’m the youngest,” she said. 

When Ms. Jimenez was in 7th-grade, her teacher assigned a project for her class. The project was about a frog and she had to dissect it.

“We dissected a frog that was already dead and it was really cool. We put gloves on and after we dissected the frog we took out the skin with a scalpel, a sharp little knife. We had to be very careful,” she said. 

The project Ms. Jimenez did made her more interested in science, especially because she had to make a bookmark with the skin from the frog. She felt as if the bookmark was very cool.

“I went home and showed my mom and she was like mira muchacha que es lo que tu esta siendo con eso!” she said.  

Ms. Jimenez started thinking of herself as a teacher because when she was 17 she taught religious school to 4th graders. She was also teaching her cousins with their homework when they came back from school. 

“I think that I was always teaching now that I think about it, but I didn’t think of myself as a teacher,” she said

Growing up, Ms. Jimenez enjoyed playing outside with her cousins.

“What made me most happy during my childhood was spending time with my family. So, I come from a really large family so anytime that me and cousin got together we were either, playing hide and seek outside or just doing anything,” she said.

So, not only did Ms.Jimenez do fun projects at school, teach religious school to 4th-graders, and help her cousin’s with homework when they arrived from school, but she also spent time with her family.

Ms. Jimenez’s parents always told her to never give up and her parent’s also encouraged her to go go to school every day.

“I’m the type of person that when you tell me I can’t do something, that’s when it makes me want to do it more. My family always supported me, they always wanted the best from me,” she said.

Ms. Jimenez is a really responsible person but I would not ever think she was “malkria” which means a little girl who doesn’t listen to her parents and talks back to her parents when they are speaking to her.

“My parents would describe me as a responsible person but at times they would describe me as a ‘malkria,’” she said.

Ms.Jimenez lived in a small two-bedroom apartment with her family, and they would often fight about space.

“Its such a small little two bedroom apartment so we would fight about things like oh you’re taking to long in the bathroom or hurry up I need to change,” she said.

When she grew up, Ms.Jimenez attended SUNY New Paltz and then she went and got her bachelor’s degree in City College. Ms. Jimenez enjoys teaching science, especially to little kids like us.