The Life of Ms. Love


Frankie Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Ms. Love teaches 7th-grade science and she is 31 years old and her favorite movie is E.T (The Extra-Terrestrial). She has been teaching for 8 years and she has a younger brother.

Ms. Love and her brother bothered each other growing up, but now they live with each other. 

When she was young Ms. Love told us that she used to get bullied in middle school and when asked how she overcame it she said, “I think just self-control and not allowing those people affect me and talking to my parents about it.” 

One thing that had happened to Ms. Love during her childhood is that she had a lot of pets and pets don’t last forever, so sadly some pets died.  “

We always had animals so as a kid when your dog dies that’s always major. I lost 2 dogs and we had to sell one of our pets,” she said. 

So have you ever wondered what are Ms. Love’s hobbies well? Ms. Love said that she loves art and before she was considering being an art teacher. 

“At first I wanted to be an art teacher because I admire my art teacher but that turned into science somehow,” she said.  

Also, she says that she still does art to this day in her free time.  

“I still do some art on the side like watercolors and a lot of my other hobbies are active like I hike a lot,” she said.

Have you ever wondered why Ms. Love wanted to be a teacher? It was because she admired many of her teachers and that encouraged her to become one.  

“I always wanted to become a teacher because I really like the way some of my teachers and the relationships we had in school. I thought their job was so cool that they got to form relationships with their students,” she said.  

Now it seems that she got her dream job because she got to be a teacher for 8 years and in that time she has gone and taught at many different schools.  

“This is the third school I taught. I taught a year of high school at George Washington then three years in another high school and then three years in this middle school,” she said. 

Then, when asked what her favorite school out of all of them she said that it was this one.  

“This one this school is definitely my favorite and I am not just making that up. The training I have gotten from here has really helped and I didn’t get that in the other schools I taught,” she said.

Now after 8 years of teaching Ms. Love said that she is more comfortable than ever. 

“After 8 years of teaching I definitely feel more confident in what I do,” she said. 

Then I asked her what she would like to do better for this new year 2020 and she said, “In this year I would like to make more time for students like extracurricular activities.”