The Life of Mr. Brown


Dylan Wagner, Staff Writer

 Do you know who Mr. Brown is? Do you want to learn about his childhood? Why did he come to Hamilton Grange? Well, stay tuned to find out about Mr. Brown! 

First, let’s talk about his childhood. He was born in Brooklyn but he moved at the age of nine, so he actually grew up mostly in Harlem just a few blocks away from Hamilton Grange. His favorite sport to play is basketball.

“I had fun playing basketball for hours and that’s the sport I played actually… I just had so much fun doing that,” he said.

 Next, let’s talk about his family life. His mother raised him and he has three brothers and sisters on her side. And on his dad’s side, he has 6 brothers and 2 sisters. He says he loves both sides of the family. 

“We have a big family, going back and forth between both houses and families was really interesting,” he said. 

Next, let’s talk about his school life. Mr. Brown said he did not get good grades. He went to IS 195 just a few blocks from over here.

“Oh my gosh, I did not get good grades! I was not focused in school when I was younger,” he said. 

Now let’s talk about his first job and why he became a teacher in HGMS. Mr. Brown’s first job was being a cashier at Walgreens while in high school. Here is what he said about why he became a teacher.

“I became a teacher because if I didn’t meet my mentor who was my high school math teacher I wouldn’t have graduated high school. I saw the impact he had on me and thought about what I could do for someone else. What if I could literally change somebody’s life, the way he changed mine? To him I am forever grateful,” he said. 

In conclusion, we learned a lot from Mr. Brown today. His family life, school life, first job, favorite sport, why he came to Hamilton Grange Middle School, and a lot more. Thanks for reading and have a nice day!