Humanities Teachers Are Always Write


Jaiydalyn Santos, Staff Writer

What do you really know about Mrs. Diallo? She has two beautiful daughters … and she is married. But did you know she had won prom queen?! Souadou Blade (Mrs. Diallo) was born in Conakry, Guinea. She arrived in the U.S. when she was five years old and grew up in Harlem, New York. Mrs. Diallo is a 7th-grade Humanities teacher at Hamilton Grange. When not teaching she spends time with her husband and her daughters, trying new food. Most students see Mrs. Diallo as a regular Humanities teacher but she is the opposite. 

While Mrs. Diallo was growing up in Guinea, her parents decided to move to the United States. Growing up was hard on Mrs. Diallo.

“My parents are very strict, cultural and religious because I’m also Muslim,” she said. “So they used to be pretty hard on me and were very strict. I was the oldest of six kids..while working jobs I had to take care of my siblings.”

Mrs. Diallo was hard at work, taking care of her sisters. She also had to cook at a young age. Mrs. Diallo never really had any childhood pets.

“I had a fish, that’s it. Since we’re Muslim, we couldn’t have like a dog,” she said.

Mrs. Dialllo’s favorite hobby as a kid was jumping rope with the kids on the block.

“I liked to swim…double dutch that was a hobby that I used to do and I used to love when it got warm outside. I used to go outside with my friends and family on the block,” she said. 

Mrs. Diallo’s school life went from playing UNO with friends in the hallway to getting into an argument with a rude teacher.  Mrs. Diallo went to a charter school that was tiny and had very few people.  In school, Mrs. Diallo made friends she would never forget. 

“My friends from school are still my friends right this second, in our senior year and we were really supportive of each other and passed all of the major classes,” she said.

Mrs. Diallo was able to win prom queen because of hard work.

“I won prom queen and to do so I printed out a cute photo of me and put them on shirts I passed out cupcakes too,” she said.

Mrs. Diallo’s school life wasn’t all fun and games. Mrs. Diallo corrected a teacher and got into a big argument.

“In my history class, I got into an argument with the teacher and this teacher didn’t like when students corrected him. He was trying to embarrass me and said it in a way that hurt me. He is also a teacher that told us we would never get into a good college. And never be anything but look how I am now,” she said.

Mrs. Diallo also was active in sports in school.

“I used to be on the softball team and played volleyball,” she said. 

Mrs. Diallo’s college life was a big change from high school.

“My major was criminal justice and I majored in French,” she said. “My first year in college I got a GPA of 4.0 and  college was hard.”

During college, Mrs. Diallo got her first job.  She hadn’t worked before that.

“My first job was at Forever 21, this was my freshman year of college. I was a sales associate and that was my lowest paying job,” she said. 

In conclusion, Mrs. Diallo was an interesting child growing into adulthood. She loves working at Hamilton Grange.

“I enjoy working with students and I feel connected to all of you!” she said.

Therefore Mrs. Diallo is an amazing teacher and wishes all her students luck at Hamilton Grange.