Super Tuesday!


It seems that the Democratic primary may be decided, due to Super Tuesday, but before that, there are some candidates who are no longer in the race. Pete Buttigieg ended his campaign for president with an emotional speech, saying, “There are some young kids out there who needed hope. When we won the Iowa caucuses, an unthinkable hope became an undeniable force. We finished in fourth or above in four states, but I realize that the only way to unite states and our country is to have someone else, another democrat in the white house. That is why I have made the difficult decision to suspend my campaign to be the democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential seat.”  He said this to thunderous applause in South Bend, Indiana, the town where he launched the very campaign he ended. 

Tom Steyer also dropped out but gave a less emotional speech. The more shocking result is where Steyer ended up in the South Carolina Primaries. Even though South Carolina was his best result yet, Steyer seemed to know that he couldn’t be successful, and because of that, he decided to drop out.

Amy Klobuchar also dropped out, almost directly after Pete Buttigieg did, and on top of that, Michael Bloomberg, dropped out right after the Super Tuesday results came in. All three of these candidates are now endorsing Joe Biden, who was Vice President under Barack Obama. 

The Super Tuesday results have “revived Biden’s campaign, in a situation where he had seemingly lost,” according to the New York Times. Biden won many states where other presidential candidates, such as Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, were expected to win.


In Alabama, Biden took almost the whole state, winning by the biggest majority any democrat has had so far, and capturing 40 delegate votes. 99% of the vote from Alabama has been tallied, and it is clear that Biden took the state.



Arkansas was expected to be a close state, but now, since both Buttigieg and Klobuchar were backing him, Biden had more support than when he finished fourth twice, in Iowa and New Hampshire. It seems that Biden is on track to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. Arkansas has now 100% of the vote tallied, and Biden has had an incredible comeback.

Something not mentioned was how many states Sanders won, in comparison to Biden. Sanders won 4 states, and Biden took the other 11, out of the 14 possible states. What was seeming to be Biden’s third and least successful campaign for president has become his best.


California is usually called the most important state to vote on Super Tuesday, because they have the most delegates of any state, with 415 delegates, and the fact that Sanders got this many delegates in California seemed very good for his campaign.  


The next state to vote was Colorado. The results went in favor of Bernie Sanders, a rare spectacle on the night.

This was a state Bernie was expected to do well in, and he did with 37 percent of the vote. 

Maine and Oklahoma

Joe Biden won 10 states on Super Tuesday, and there were a few Sanders was expected to do well in, like Maine, and Oklahoma, but Biden took them all.

Maine and Oklahoma had fewer delegates because their population size is smaller. Even so, these victories were decisive for Biden’s campaign. Unfortunately for Biden, on the other hand, both races in the states were within 10% victories, so the 15% rule doesn’t apply. The 15% rule is saying that if a candidate receives less than 15% of the popular vote in that state, then the candidate cannot keep the votes of their delegates that they received.

Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia

There were some very important, delegate-rich states that Joe Biden did win, such as Texas, North Carolina, and Virginia. The results in those states looked a lot like this. 

Very decisive for Biden, winning him over 250 delegate votes, which is almost 50% of his entire amount of pledged delegate votes. For Sanders, even though he was not expected to win, many of his supporters think that he did worse than was expected of him, and as it would seem, he did, but unfortunately for Biden, the 15% rule does not apply to any of his victories. Texas was rather close, though, and Bernie Sanders did better than he was expected to do in that state. Unfortunately, North Carolina and Virginia went terribly for him, with Joe Biden getting more than double the delegate votes than he did, but this was a boost for Biden and a huge loss for Sanders. 

Minnesota and Tennesee

Minnesota and Tennessee were also both taken by Joe Biden, and the results looked along the lines of this. These went about the same as expected. Biden won the two states, but the races were within 15% victories, and the number of delegates pledged to each candidate had already been almost determined, because many of the delegates of these two states have voiced their political opinions. Many Bernie fans were very excited when these results were compared to others because for once, Biden’s expected victories were very close to what was expected, because for once, he didn’t take all of the delegates he was expected too, and he didn’t lose badly.

Vermont and Utah

There were two other states that Sanders won, or at least, that he is thought to have won. Vermont, Sanders’s home state, and Utah. 

Bernie Sanders was expected to win his home state by a lot, and so he did, but unfortunately for him, Vermont is not a very delegate-rich state, so that does not play to his advantage much, and on top of that, he did not do as well as he was expected to. He was expected to get over 60%, but he lost 10% of the vote, and at least one delegate. Utah, on the other hand only has 745 of the popular vote reporting, so either Sanders or Biden have the opportunity to win that state, and there are only 29 delegate votes available in Utah, so since only 16 delegate votes have been pledged, then there are 13 delegate votes to be pledged in that state, so both candidates can expect at least a few more delegate votes.


The real shock of Super Tuesday was the vote in Massachusetts, which is Elizabeth Warren’s home state, so she was at least expected to win that state, but no. Joe Biden took it, and the results look like this;

The results are almost completely in, and in this state, the delegate vote count was quite close for the three candidates shown, but unfortunately for Elizabeth Warren, she did not win any states, and this was one of her main hopes to keep her in the race, but after the third-place result at home, she had no choice but to “Suspend her campaign to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee” as she said in a speech to her supporters, in the very state of Massachusetts she lost in. 

It is clear that Joe Biden’s campaign is very much booming, and most definitely back on track, while the campaign of Sanders has taken a turn for the worse. With some very important candidates backing Biden, perhaps hoping for a seat in his cabinet, he has good support, and it is seeming like he’ll be our 2020 presidential nominee for the Democratic party.

How do you feel about the results of Super Tuesday?!