Mini Super Tuesday!


Joe Biden it is.

His campaign was in shambles after the first four primaries, but he has made an incredible comeback. It started with Super Tuesday and the next few primaries have sent him to the top. After 5 wins on Tuesday, March 10, he is on track to be the 2020 Democratic presidential nominee.

The results of the elections look like this, in Joe Biden’s favor;

He won four states, that have 100% of the votes have been counted, which are Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, and Mississippi.

The Idaho primaries were quite close, and that was the closest fully reported of the six on Tuesday. It seems like unless Sanders is to have a miraculous turnaround in the primaries next Tuesday, or if he is to do very well in the Democratic debate on Sunday, March 15, between him and Biden, then it will become clear that Biden will be the candidate to go up against current President Donald J. Trump. The Michigan results came as a shock for many Bernie supporters because in 2016, against Hillary Clinton, Sanders won Michigan by a lot. It was expected that either he would win, or that he would do well, and it would be close. The results were the exact opposite. Sanders did not come within a 15% margin of Biden, and Biden took 20 more delegates than Sanders. The biggest shock was the results in Mississippi. For this particular state, the 15%  rule did apply, which was quite shocking because even though Joe Biden was expected to win, he was only expected to take around 60% of the popular vote. He took 80% of it. There may be a reason behind such a big margin victory for Biden. Since Biden was vice president under Barack Obama, the USA’s first-ever African-American president, a lot of African-American people look up to him and support him for that, and since a large amount of the population in Mississippi is African-American, Biden had a lot of support behind him, so all of the African-American supporters who voted for him, combined with his support from others led to such a huge win. 

The Washington State primaries were the closest, but only 93% of the vote is reporting five days after the elections were held, because many residents mail in their votes, and, due to fears of the coronavirus, many registered voters did not turn up, so it is unclear what the exact number of 100% reporting will be.

Though not all of the votes have been counted, it was a very close race, and will most likely remain this way, which is unfortunate for Sanders, because Washington is a huge state, and had he captured the popular vote like Biden did in Mississippi, his campaign would be back on track, and it would be a much closer race, but Washington has been hit very badly with a coronavirus outbreak, and this alone very much discouraged voters to come out, for fear of getting a sickness that doesn’t yet have a cure. Governor Jay Inslee was one of the Democrtic presidential candidates, but he dropped out, and in Washington, a state of emergency has been declared, and to this, he has stated, “We didn’t have to spin up thousands of polling places today and worry about people coming into contact with each other.”

There has also been worry about mailing in votes because you have to lick the envelopes to stick, and this could lead to more coronavirus cases. A sign outside of the office of Washington state secretary of state on election day read, “Whether healthy or sick, please don’t lick,” in a campaign of stopping coronavirus spread.

Bernie Sanders did win one state, which was North Dakota, but sadly for him, North Dakota was the state with the least amount of delegates, so this win was not the most beneficial for his campaign.

The results look like this;

Not the biggest win of the night, but as you can see from the voter turnout, North Dakota is a big state, but not with the biggest population, and the majority of the population goes Republican, so there are fewer democratic voting delegates, so for this state, Sanders may have won, but perhaps not the best time to celebrate winning. Like in Washington, there were fears about the coronavirus outbreak in North Dakota, so even though during one of the debates Sanders said, “If we’re going to beat Trump, we are gonna need the biggest voter turnout in the history of the US,” due to unforeseen circumstances, the voter turnout was more than 10% lower than usual.

It seems as if we have our Democratic nominee, but are you happy with Joe Biden for president?