Coronavirus Diaries: The New Normal


Leopold Spohngellert, Newspaper Supervisor

HGMS students reported on what it’s like to live in a new reality due to the coronavirus. 

“Changes that made me upset is that I stay indoors every day. It starts to get boring with having not much to do. Changes I enjoyed is that now I have a reason to stay inside and play video games and stuff and my parents can’t really do much about it. The coronavirus affected my parents because one of the jobs my dad worked at had closed down and so he can’t work there anymore.” – Daphney Ramirez (8th grade)

There is only one major change I can think of and that is lack of supplies because the items on the shelves of grocery stores look like “Soviet Russia” according to my dad. Online school has affected my learning by making it much easier for me to finish class and making it easier to focus because I am unable to distract fellow classmates and they can’t distract me back.” – Jakub Vacin (6th grade)

“Something that has changed is that now stores are empty. Something that has made me upset is how many people are buying and buying and leaving stores empty even if they don’t really need the stuff but it is understandable and I get why they do it. Something else that made me upset is that in the news a couple of weeks ago I saw that people were doing a coronavirus challenge which is where you lick the toilet seat of a bathroom which upsets me that people are so careless. ” – Perla Fernandez (7th grade)

“The new normal still does not feel normal. I used to be able to leave the house and go to the park as I wished, but now, I can only go to the supermarket. It is terrible.  I now have to wear a mask at all times that I am outside, and I cannot see any of my friends. Sure, ZOOM is helpful, but it’s not the same as playing a good game of soccer. I wish that this was all  just a bad dream.” – Leonard Blachly-Preston (6th grade)

“The virus affected my parents by not allowing them to work and earn money.” – William Santos (8th grade)

“My parents are affected a lot because they have to plan a lot more for the future and how much food we need to save up. Some parts of online learning are confusing like the math format is tricky to do but the other subjects are fine for me and some are much easier than before.” – Andres Perez (7th-grade)