Coronavirus Diaries: Joy In A Crisis


Leopold Spohngellert, Newspaper Supervisor

Despite the challenges of our new reality, students reflected on moments of joy and hope during the coronavirus crisis. 

“The different moments of joy I have experienced is that I get to watch Netflix and play video games during quarantine. Someone in my life who seems in need of joy is my parents because they are afraid that someone in my family will get it. To make them feel happier I decide to not go outside as much anymore.” – Sharlene Almanzar (7th grade)

“Many moments of joy come from my video games but it’s very fun to do zoom calls with my grandparents. Like yesterday we played Pictionary on zoom and it was very fun to play. Also, every night at 7 pm my grandfather plays the drums from his window to thank health care workers.” – Andres Perez (7th grade)

“Some moments of joy I have experienced is that now I am spending more time with my family. My mom is a person who seems in need of joy. I have been trying to make them laugh to help them feel happier. I have kept in touch with my friend by calling and texting them like recently I have been talking to my friends.” – Perla Fernandez (7th grade)

I get to play my PlayStation. That’s the only change I enjoyed because I enjoy myself when am playing.” – William Santos (8th grade)

“Moments of joy or happiness I have experienced in the last two weeks is spending time with my family especially my sister. Someone in my life in need of joy is my sister and I have been making her laugh more to make her feel happier.” – Daphney Ramirez (8th grade)

“There have been few moments of joy in the past weeks. To hear a siren scream past your window, and know that inside, someone is going on a ventilator is just depressing. The only thing that really brings me joy is to see my family and friends via ZOOM calls and Google hangouts. To see them in a time of crisis brings hope of a possibility of a cure.” – Leonard Blachly-Preston (6th grade)