A Bassist’s Life in the Outbreak


Jakub Vacin, Staff Writer

The coronavirus has affected many people by forcing many people indoors. I interviewed my sister, Allegra, on how her life is affected because of the coronavirus.

Allegra is 19-years-old and is enrolled as a college-sophomore at SUNY Purchase in Westchester County, New York. She is a very kind and loving sister.

Allegra’s school has been closed and is now working on online classwork here at home. Before she left campus she was learning how to tune pianos and playing the bass in college. “I feel sad about school closing because I miss my friends and all the equipment located on campus,” Allegra said.  At home, she has been practicing the bass every day and when she first came home my dad got her to tune the piano.

Every day she has been taking classes online and attending Zoom meetings with her teachers. She has not liked the work she has been assigned recently as it is unorganized and challenging for her.

She said in our interview, “I think that school going online is lame and the school should just pass everyone because I can’t do online coursework, it’s way worse and it’s not what ‘I’ paid for.”

Allegra has been struggling to do her online coursework and doesn’t think she can do it.

She said, “I can’t do online coursework because there’s just something different about being in a classroom and having in-person class but being online is less accountability.”

Allegra is a bassist at her college and has continued her orchestra class online by submitting videos of her playing. She has also been practicing the bass for this class of course. I asked her what she was doing to pass the time. She also loves to watch shows when I am trying to go to sleep. She responds saying, “To pass the time I am practicing the bass.” She continued on to say, “Also, I’m watching Netflix to pass the time on my computer.”

Allegra is very active on her social media. I ask her how she stays in touch with people during these times. “I am staying in touch with people by using Instagram and Snapchat mostly,” Allegra said.

I asked Allegra what the difficulties were with getting the things she needs/wants during this outbreak. She said, “The difficulties with getting the stuff I want and need is everything is closed meaning my favorite coffee shops are closed so I can’t get coffee.”

In these hard times, it is important to learn about other peoples’ opinions and listen to them to understand what they are going through.