Life at Home With a Global Pandemic Outside 


Andres Perez, Staff Writer

Would you like to hear about someone’s life staying home in their house from the coronavirus?

Well if you answered yes to that question then this is the article for you to read. 

As most of you might know we are in quarantine from the coronavirus and many people are suffering because they cannot go out and many people are dying from this new virus which is very scary and sad. All systems have been affected in this crisis and it is very sad to see people struggling. 

 My mother Amanda Rivera and my family have also been affected by this. The news she gets every day is very scary for her and her family

“Every day people are dying and everyday people are suffering and I feel so bad because I realize that we can have it worse,” she said. 

All people have different situations. Some have it better than others and some have it worse. But what we need to keep in mind is that we’re not the only one that is experiencing this for the first time  

“Everybody is new to this pandemic thing,” Amanda said. 

To keep in touch, many families are using online applications like Zoom, Google Meet, and FaceTime. It is important to keep in touch with family because it helps you stay more relaxed and you can get happy when you see them. Similar to everyone else Amanda Rivera does keep in touch

 “We have been doing a lot of Facetime and messaging with families to keep in touch with them,” she said.

Many people are losing their jobs and struggling to pay bills. If this keeps going on the whole system we have will be torn apart and everyone will suffer. Some people are trying to help the community by going to care centers  

Amanda said, “I would definitely work at a community center if I didn’t have to take my family with me to work.”

Another way people are working and helping the environment is by delivering groceries to people. Brands like Uber, Amazon, and Instacart are letting people buy food online and delivery people are getting the food for them.

“I make sure to tip the people who are delivering the food because they are risking their lives for other people to have food,” Amanda said.

People are trying to bring joy to this pandemic by talking to neighbors on balconies or having performances on balconies to have fun. In some parts of New York City at 7:00 pm, everyone makes noise to show that we all have joy and that we can show ourselves that staying inside can be fun.

“At 7:00 pm my father plays his drum outside and makes a lot of noise with his neighbors and it is very fun for him, Amanda said. “I believe that as a whole world we can overcome this virus stronger than before and I think that everyone should believe that we can do this and that you shouldn’t give up on this situation!”