Edian Jimenez , Literary Journalist

Hating people because of their color is wrong, and it doesn’t matter which color does the hating – no matter if you’re taught that this hateful act is something normal in our society. Around a specific type of people we tend to start thinking with a mob mentality, and most times is hard to do the right thing. But we all know right from wrong, and we should always try our best to do what’s right. This topic is important to be talked about. We need to put a stop to this, we can’t make racism just disappear but we can make it less common. People should not be excused for racism because most people just take their anger out on innocent people who are a different skin complexion and  just going through tough times like everyone is. Why make people’s life harder then what it has to be? There’s no gain from that. Therefore people shouldn’t be excused for racism.

The first reason people should never be forgiven for racism is because in most times when someone is being racist is because they’re putting labels on others and stereotyping other people from different racial backgrounds. Not everyone is the same so why treat them as if they’re all a copy of each other? You wouldn’t want someone judging you based on what they “know” about your culture.

The second reason people shouldn’t be forgiven for racism is because racism can affect people’s mental health. The text “Physiological & Psychological Impact of Racism and Discrimination for African-Americans” taught me that racism can cause stress on people of color, stress that can have some side effects such as compulsive behavior. Genetics play a part too – because let’s say a person already has some type of mental disability running in their blood, and someone else comes to that person showing hatred, that would only make them go insane.

Some people say that people should be forgiven for racism because nobody is born being a racist, they’re taught racism throughout their lives. If we just keep forgiving people for the wrong they’ve done that’s showing them that the mistake they made is not a big deal. When it comes to racist people they should be taught a lesson legally, and not just forgiven.

In conclusion, hatred isn’t the answer for any type of situation; nobody is going to take what you’re saying seriously. Racism can lead people to having compulsive behavior, making that person be unable to control the way they act when they’re being hurt emotionally. Racism should be punished because it constantly messes with people’s heads and the way they think about themselves. This is important because we’re losing people every day for a “simple mistake” other people make by doing something racist. Therefore, people who commit a racist act shouldn’t be forgiven.