Racism Gone Too Far


Emilia Paredes, Literary Journalist

Should anybody be excused for racism? Nobody should be forgiven for racism because they know what they are doing. They know that it’s wrong to do that, they know that they are encouraging racism to happen and continue happening. Nobody should be excused for doing such a thing.

Racism has gone too far. It got to the point where people were getting abused and mistreated. People would hit them several times, abuse them physically and mentally and get away with it. That should never be excused even if they apologize because they knew what they were doing, they knew it was wrong but continued on to do it. Their actions speak louder than their words. For example when Emmett Till was murdered by Roy Bryant and the proprietor of the store that should never be something to be forgiven since it won’t ever be forgotten.

Racism started with words. It would affect people mentally since they would be called names they would be blamed for things they did not do. A lot of black African – Americans would be called “negro” every single day and be blamed for crimes they did not commit. For example in the book “To Kill A MockingBird” Tom Rominson was being blamed for the rape of Mayella Ewell and was convicted guilty but he was innocent the whole time. This is showing that racism was increasing and it was affecting people more and more and nobody cared since it was “normal”.

Other people think that they should be excused for racism. They think it’s fine to treat people like they are worthless, they say that if in their household they are taught to be racist they should be because they are “Born” with it. People think that just because African-Americans are a different color than they should be mistreated and not treated equally.They think it is the right thing to do and that people who believe that racism is not right is one of them. a way to change their mindset and tell that everyone should be treated equally no matter their color or were they come from.

This is explaining why racism should never be excused. People know what they are doing , they know it’s affecting people but they don’t care. They take advantage of the more power they have and don’t respect them or treat them equal rights.